Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ideas for Decorating Cakes for Men

If you love baking cakes then I am sure will agree that decorating them is truly the most fun of the whole process. 
There are so many ways to decorate cakes but if you’re like me, when I think about decorating cakes I automatically think about bright colors, flowers, pretty designs, etc.
What about if you’re making a cake for a man?  Boys are easy to bake for. All you have to do is think about their favorite comic hero, cartoon character, animal, etc.
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Decorating a cake for a man though, that has caused many cake decorators to scratch their heads.  Could you imagine baking a cake for a male friend, husband, or male co-worker and bringing in a cake decorated with flowers, ribbons, and all sorts of pretty things?  I think you would be getting all the “oooooooh’s” and “ahhhhhhh’s” from the ladies at the party.
So where can you start when decorating a cake for a man?
Here’s a short list of ideas you can work with and expand on:
Make a list of more masculine colors (greens, blues, reds, black, and white, orange, purple)
Think about his favorite hobby or sport, even if he’s a coin or stamp collector, there are many amazing cake ideas you could think up.
For example, make the cake in the shape of a stamp or a coin.  Print out a picture of him with edible ink and place it on the cake where the picture would go on a stamp or a coin.  Be creative with the writing. 
Why not write around the top of the stamp cake so the picture sits clear in the middle of the cake.  On a coin cake, why not write words according to the theme of the party in the same places you would find writing on a real coin.

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Does he collect comic books and has a favorite superhero?  Does he love tools? Does he love coffee? (How about making a coffee flavored cake in the shape of a coffee mug, or coffee pot?)
Does he like cooking? (How about making a cake in the shape of a chefs hat?) OR Is his favorite food steak?

When thinking of ideas for decorating a cake for a man you could think about what he likes to do in his spare time.
Does he like watching T.V.? Boating? Working on his car?

Playing the computer?

Watching sports? What is his favorite sport? Does he hunt? Does he cook? Is he a couch potato and knows it? Does he like video games? (You could easily make a cake look like a video game system).

If you don’t want to decorate a specific theme but just want to do a generic cake for a man, you could do bold stripes, checkerboard pattern, wavy lines, zig zags, and more, using his favorite colors.  Instead of flowers you could decorate with candied, fresh or dried fruit.

What is his profession? Lawyer? Mechanic? Business Man? Landscaper? Vet? Pilot? Does he play guitar or another instrument?
You can base the cake on his profession.
For example, if he is a mechanic you could make a tool box cake.
If he is a lawyer, you could make the cake into a brief case.

You don’t have to make this complicated either.  I am not talking 3-D cakes here unless you have reached expert level in your experience with cakes.
You can make these cakes 2-D.
A brief case would be simple as making it out of a regular rectangular shaped cake.  Add a handle using fondant or marzipan and think about how you want the icing to look depending on the color of his brief case.  You could use fondant or simply use piped icing if you are a beginner. Your briefcase doesn't have to be open like the picture above.  Make the cake the best you can at your level of expertise.
Think outside of the box but keep it simple and your cake will be the conversation piece of the party.

Your cakes will definatley look more and more professional the more you practice and become an expert cake decorator.

Have fun!!!!